HD (Canon C300), 2014
directed by Nick Nylen
written by Jonathan Klemke & Nick Nylen
cinematography by Kendal Miller
original score by Dustin Painter


The Oxide Incident is a short narrative film directed by Nick Nylen. The film tells the story of a recently divorced sound archivist who unearths a mysterious reel-to-reel audio tape that he believes may be able to help him heal his strained relationship with his teenage daughter.

This film was born out of my interest in sound-centric filmmaking. I am interested in the ways that sound can not only compliment a film, but drive it. Hearing is closely related to touch and is one of the most intimate of the senses; sound vibrates, passing through the air from one body to another. In The Oxide Incident, human interactivity is explored as one character attempts to connect indirectly through a sound device—an audio tape. I wanted to express the ways in which this type of mediated communication might differ from direct interaction. The Oxide Incident is a tale of alienation in the big city as well as of those nostalgic memories that seem so far away.